Watercolour Artist Roger Simpson

Roger Simpson is a watercolour artist who paints boldly and freely and creates wonderful paintings, at the moment he is painting quite a lot of horse racing paintings which seem to be in demand everywhere he exhibits. I cant stop painting them, everywhere I go they sell, not just one but several at exhibitions and fairs I go to. I must admit I like painting them he says and I try to capture the movement and vigour of the horses by using colour and tone in such a way that the painting still retains the liveliness of the horses. They might look simple sketchy paintings he says but a lot of knowledge and effort goes into painting them....hope you enjoy....

Watercolour artist Roger Simpson
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Watercolour artist Roger Simpson



Watercolour artist Roger Simpson paints in a free, loose and bold style, read a bit about him here.



Watercolour artist Roger simpson


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Watercolour artist Roger Simpson Landscapes
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Horse racing paintings


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Watercolour artist Roger Simpson


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Watercolour artist Roger Simspon

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