Watercolour artist Roger Simpson paints in a loose, free and lively manner, he creates paintings which seem to be in demand at galleries and exhibitions all over Yorkshire and beyond. Read more about the artist here


Watercolour artist Roger Simpson





The artist loves painting in watercolour and paints almost everyday, although he has drawn and painted most of his life it was only around five years ago that he started to paint seriously in watercolour and hasn't looked back since. He has won awards like best artist in show, art commendations etc, He has also shown his work at the Mall galleries and the Menier gallery in London.


Watercolour is my preferred medium now it just suits me better than other medium, I can be expressive, free and bold, I think my way of painting goes back to ink sketches of artists such as Leonardo and Michael Angelo which were drawn freely and with spirit. My inspiration comes mainly from myself through practice and experimentation and also from other watercolour artists who show a bit of flair, I think it was Picasso who said that an artist doesn't take from other artists he steals!...we all learn from each other but your creative self comes out in your paintings.



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Watercolour portraits

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